Fractional private aviation company Flexjet recently announced an addition to its service line-up with the new Global Access program, which provides access to larger aircraft capable of long-range flight. Flexjet’s Senior Vice President of Sales, DJ Hanlon, says that this flexible membership program will “extend clients’ abilities to fly outside of North America and still enjoy the consistency and level of service they have come to expect.”

The program was first introduced in 2015 on a test basis, according to Flexjet CEO Michael Silvestro. The company worked closely with existing clients and company flight departments to refine the program until it was ready for public launch.

Flexjet Global Express interior


Global Access will be available to existing Flexjet owners as an add-on to their contract. It will also be available as a stand-alone program. Under the terms of the program, owners will not be buying shares in a particular aircraft but will instead, as with all Flexjet programs, have access to the entire fleet. The current Flexjet long-range fleet includes the Gulfstream G450 and the Bombardier Global Express (pictured above). The Gulfstream G650 and G500 are expected to join the fleet soon, along with the Aerion AS2, the forthcoming supersonic business jet.

Hanlon expects the program to be attractive to both corporate flight departments and those who usually travel domestically and therefore don’t want to purchase shares of a larger aircraft, but who also recognize that there will be times when longer-range travel is required. The program is designed for “a company or individual flying 50 hours or more over a 2-year agreement for travel to and/or back between the US and locations throughout the world including Europe and Asia.” He describes it as “another tool to allow clients to personalize their flying solution.”

Varying Rates

The Global Access agreement will function along the same lines as a typical membership, with an initial deposit that grants access to the long-range fleet for a two-year period. After paying the deposit, clients are invoiced on a trip-by-trip basis with hourly rates. The pricing structure will account for the cost efficiencies of long-range travel. The longer the travel distance and the more time at cruising altitude, the more efficient the flight becomes; so the longer the trip, the lower the hourly price. Given the highly customized, boutique nature of the service, rates vary widely but will be made available when you plan your trip with Flexjet. As always, Flexjet’s team of professionals will be on hand to work with clients, assisting to determine which aircraft and which flight program best suits their needs.