Air Partner jet card holders have always been able to use their US card balance for flights in Europe, and European card holders can use their cards in the North America. But for flights between the two, they had to pay variable charter rates. Air Partner now offers the first fixed price transatlantic jet card.

“Over the past few years, we’ve noticed increasing demand for an improved transatlantic option to better connect our clients in the United States with Europe,” said David McCown, president of Air Partner U.S. “We’re dedicated to continuously creating innovative travel solutions to best serve our customers, and we are pleased to today become the first jet membership program to offer a fixed Trans-Atlantic rate.”

Air Partner’s new fixed rate trans-atlantic offering is ideal for existing JetCard members with frequent trans-atlantic travel, as well as new members who frequently fly trans-atlantic routes, as they can now purchase a JetCard membership based on these lead-in rates.


The planes used for this service comprise a variety of Global cabin jets including the Gulfstream series, Bombardier’s Global series and Dassault’s Falcon series. They typically have seating for 12 on average and all come with a flight attendant. Specifically, the planes are the:

  Gulfstream GV/G550/G650
  Global Express/XRS/5000/6000
  Falcon 7X/8X


The fixed rate is $15,650 per hour, with a minimum one-way segment of 7 hours. For round trip flights there is a 15% discount.
When flying with Air Partner’s JetCard, there are no hidden fees, and pricing includes aircraft, crew, landing fees, fuel surcharges, de-icing, taxes and catering.

Some example flights and pricing at this trans-atlantic card rate are:

  Teterboro to London Luton
  Estimated card price: From $109,550 (one way) / From $93,118 (each way, return trip)

  Washington Dulles to Paris Le Bourget
  Estimated card price: From $117,845 (one way) / From $100,168 (each way, return trip)

  White Plains to Zurich
  Estimate card price: From $119,253 (one way) / From $101,365 (each way, return trip)

AirPartner Trans-Atlantic

Specific Terms

For regular reservations there is a 96 hours minimum notice period and cancelations can be made up to 72 hours before departure.
Peak day travel requires 10 days advance notice, with a 7 days cancellation notice period.

To qualify for these trans-atlantic rates, the minimum one-way segment is 7 hours. The average daily use must be 4 hours for a round trip, which effectively means you can do a straight back and forth in roughly 3 days to obtain the 15% discount.

Current Air Partner JetCard holders can already make use of this new offering, whether they are based in the US or Europe. “It’s an added feature to our existing program” David McCown told SherpaReport. “and helps to tie our programs together and really be a bridge for them,” he continued.

The overall Air Partner JetCard offers multiple cabin sizes, hours that never expire and multiple aircraft at the same time. Members may take advantage of the company’s US or UK based travel teams who ensure each detail is accounted for, both on the ground and in the air. Services include, premium lounge access, arranging chauffer driven cars, arranging bespoke inflight dining and bar catered to a passenger’s exact preferences.