The 2007 American Express Global Business Travel Forecast predicts that air fares worldwide are expected to increase next year.

American Express predicts a three to five percent increase in domestic economy fares, and a three to seven percent rise in international business-class fares. These come after several years of increasing airfare prices.

With the continuing surge it may well be time for you to start looking into fractional jets, jet cards and aircraft charters. There are also several new "air taxi" services that are starting up, which plan to use the very light jets that are just coming onto the market.

When you weigh up the time saving, convenience and quality of service that these offer, you may well find that you're better off flying privately. Most people we talk to place a very high value on the convenience and time saving, that let's you arrive a few minutes before your flight, miss the commercial security lines, and land at thousands more airports than commercial aircraft can reach.