Since 2006, has been a comprehensive, independent source for in-depth information about the burgeoning shared luxury market. The constantly updated publication provides valuable information for those seeking news, analysis, and directories to help them make informed decisions about whether buying a private aircraft or investing in alternatives such as fractional ownership, jet cards and/or charters is right for them, their families, and their companies. also offers guidance on other luxury travel options such as destination clubs and private residence clubs.'s expert team of editors and market analysts provide its discerning readers with rich, relevant and timely information straight from industry sources that they can't get anywhere else, to help them make smart, educated decisions. On a daily basis, they conduct extensive research, monitor the market and interview the industry's senior executives as well as current, past and potential members, to keep on top of the latest trends and issues. The result? Timely features, informative commentary and revealing insight into these popular forms of luxury travel.'s free flagship publications, include Destination Clubs: A Guide for Prospective Members, and The Guide to Private Aviation. Both are detailed, in-depth reports, updated annually, that features an overview of their respective markets. The Guides analyze and compare the key products and participants, highlight industry trends, and include checklists of questions potential members should ask before committing themselves to the transaction process. If you are seriously comparing private aviation options, the aviation membership area provides detailed side by side comparisons of fractional programs, jet card options, memberships, a directory of charter operators and a 50+ page Aircraft Buying Guide. Features

As the leading shared luxury industry information source, prides itself on comprehensive coverage that arms its readers with everything they need to know before and after buying into the market. features include:

  • News and research articles covering the latest trends, issues and announcements in the private aviation and shared luxury property industries.
  • Guides for those looking at shared luxury options (including private aviation and destination clubs), detailing everything from membership structures and fees to amenities and services.
  • Interviews with the industry's leaders and celebrity members.
  • Comparisons that lead to informed purchasing decisions by illustrating the differences between each provider.
  • Reviews of new aviation products, including features, services and pricing.
  • A monthly newsletter that delivers the latest in shared luxury news directly to the readers' in boxes.

Company Leadership

Nick was founded by President and Senior Analyst Nick Copley in 2006. An online media and publishing executive, Nick has dedicated his career to building and growing various media and information businesses.

For more than 15 years, since he founded SherpaReport, Nick has interviewed numerous industry leaders, executives and managers, including CEOs, Presidents, EVPs and COOs. He has had in-depth discussions with the leading providers and operators, as well as innovative start-ups, in the fields of private aviation and luxury travel. He has also spoken directly to hundreds of private flyers and luxury travelers about their various travel experiences, as well as to advisors, consultants and other professionals. The resulting insider knowledge, acumen and insights are reflected in the quality of the comprehensive content and information that are available on SherpaReport.

Prior to pursuing his interest in online publishing, Nick lead financial and business development for a division of The Thomson Corporation, and held senior management positions at Paramount/Universal Video in London, the international distribution arm for two Hollywood movie studios. A Price Waterhouse and J.P. Morgan alumnus, Nick is also a UK Chartered Accountant and Oxford University graduate.

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The name SherpaReport is derived from the Sherpas in the Himalayas, who are greatly admired for their expertise as guides to some of the worlds most remote and yet exotic locations. One of the most famous Sherpas was Tenzing Norgay, who in 1953 was one of the first people to climb Mount Everest, alongside Sir Edmund Hilary.


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