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Airshare Adds 90 Aircraft As Management Deal Closes

Private aviation company Airshare has acquired the aircraft management business of Wheels Up. This agreement brings about 90 managed aircraft to Airshare, and significantly expands its fleet and locations.

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Destination Clubs

The Top 10 Reasons to Join a Travel Club

We’re in a new golden era for members clubs - and the modern travel club is the membership that surpasses all. While the concept of a private society dates back for centuries - originally as a place for the aristocracy to gather unburdened by the public eye - today’s modern clubs...

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Fractional Jets

A Deep Inside Look at Flexjet Operations

The large private aviation provider Flexjet just opened a new, purpose built $50m HQ and Global Operations Control Center. SherpaReport just toured the building and talked to multiple Flexjet staff to learn more about all aspects of their operations.

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Jet Cards

Solairus Relaunch Altitude Fixed Hourly Rate Club

Solairus, a private jet management company, has reopened Altitude by Solairus. The company refers to this as a “Private Jet Charter Club” and it offers jet card like fixed hourly rates on the Solairus fleet.

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Whole Aircraft Ownership

Aircraft Dealers Report Shift to More Balanced Market

International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) members expect an ongoing shift toward a more balanced market throughout 2023. Members also reported an uptick in private aircraft resale expectations for the next six months. Both results were reported in the IADA quarterly market report.

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