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VistaJet Record Revenue. FT Questions “Debt-fuelled Ascent”

Vista Global Holdings, parent of VistaJet and XO, grew revenue to about $2.5bn in 2022 and says expansion has continued with “high double-digit revenue growth” producing a record first quarter in 2023. However the Financial Times (FT) recently reported on...

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Destination Clubs

Why Members Joined Exclusive Resorts

SherpaReport looked at why families had opted for the personalized and ultra-private experiences of Exclusive Resorts. These families talked about all aspects of club membership, from the predictability of the Club’s fixed pricing model to leaving a lasting legacy of travel.

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Fractional Jets

Top Trends in Fractional Jet Ownership for 2023

Fractional aircraft flights reached a new record level in 2022, with hours flown growing even more than charter flights or wholly owned flights, according to data from ARGUS TRAQPak. These figures confirm the trend of significant growth across the whole of private aviation in the...

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Jet Cards

NetJets Does Limited Restart on Jet Card Sales

The largest private aviation company is restarting sales of its 25-hour jet card. But new sales are limited to existing owners.

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Whole Aircraft Ownership

Corporate Jet Service - Freedom by Four Corners Aviation

Four Corners Aviation offers a novel program for companies that fly over 200 hours a year and want access to a corporate aircraft. The program really works for organizations that recognize the value of private aviation but that don’t want the upfront capital expenditure of...

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